Foundry Software


Our Approach

We write creative custom software solutions that make your business bigger, better and more profitable.

Out-of-the-box isn't for everyone

From line-of-business applications, to portals, to mobile apps, we work with you to develop solutions that focus on things that really matter. It's not about bells-and-whistles. It's about ROI. We work with you to evaluate cost/benefits on a module by module and feature by feature basis.

Large and small

We build Web-enabled software that manages complex processes and connects thousands of people across the globe; we also build applications that run on one or more computers in a single office.

Not our first rodeo

We're proven. We have years of experience working with industry-leading companies, and plenty of success stories to back it up.

Our Clients

  • We work for large, established companies...

    Many IT departments are overburdened by the growing demands of their company. Software development is rarely their speciality. We can help. We are comfortable working with (and not against) your IT department and serving the needs of your corporate workgroups.

  • ... as well as startups, and local and regional businesses of all sizes...

    We understand startups and small businesses - we've been there. We develop your applications in a way that meets your needs and your wallet. We also make a great partner for smaller firms who need a software component for services that they, in turn, provide to their (larger) customers.

  • ... and in many industries

    We have experience in many different businesses: manufacturing, telecommunications, real-estate, financial services, and not-for profits, to name a few. Some of our greatest success has come from leveraging techniques that we've used in one field, and applying them to another.


  • It's how we do it

    We communicate, collaborate, and consult. We work directly with you. Our teams are not separated from our customers by middlemen or layers of management.

    We're right here

    We are a 100% US-based company. We aren't halfway around the world, and do not rely on outsourcing to cut corners on cost. When communication is the cornerstone of the development process, we think it essential that your developers are available to talk when you are, and to meet face to face as often as possible.

    It's not just the right tools

    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Yes, creative engineering means picking the right technology; but it also means picking the right approach that fits the needs of your project. Some projects demand a lot of front-end work, some don't. We like to match the tools and the approach to the problem at hand.

Let's Get Started

We like to brainstorm.
We like to whiteboard.
It doesn't cost a nickel.